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July 7, 2021

Respectfully my wife (Marlina) and family send our love to the Scott family.

We live in N.W. NSW on a cattle and grains (when it rains) farm I’ve owned for 30 years.

I was born near Cottesloe Beach, Perth on 27/3/1959.

I remember as a teenager when I first heard the name AC/DC and then of course the first time I heard and understood the music and the lyrics, the guts of Oz youth culture.

Both had a lasting impression on me as a young and older fella, and that amazing voice .!!.. of course the late great Mr Bon Scott.

For me as a founding member and the main songwriter of INXS (with Michael Hutchence also) we had always admired Bon and AC/DC for their “whatever it takes“ career attitude.

Michael would at times wear an AC/DC T-shirt on stage.

INXS had a different sound and music but as a band of brothers we experienced a similar internationally successful journey a trajectory with massive high’s and lows ……

and so I will use the word empathy .

Empathy for the loss of Bon (and Michael), dearly loved by so many around the world and with both bands sharing brothers as members within both bands.

But most importantly,

Empathy for those closest to Bon and the Scott family.

Happy Birthday Bon, 

God knows you are loved and missed dearly,

Love to All,

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