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July 9, 2022

I grew up in Glasgow (now in Sydney) and was lucky enough to see AC/DC multiple times at the Glasgow Apollo in the 1970’s.  I can’t begin to tell you how exciting and ear shatteringly loud those nights were. In my opinion this was the band at their peak and Bon had the audience in the palm of his hand.  He use to come down into the stalls and walk past us with Angus on his shoulders.  Of course, Angus was always seen standing on the balcony of the “Circle” and goodness knows how he did not fall in to the crowd below.

I have never forgotten his cheeky grin. My other memory is that he came on to the stage wearing a “hoodie”.  I had never seen one before back then and thought it was soo cool.  

These photos are definitely from the gig on 1 Nov 1978 as I was in the stalls.  The other ticket stub on 30 April same year is for the concert which can be found on the DVD “Plug Me In” and you will find a similar ticket stubs on the DVD sleeve notes.  

While the band went on to be a global stadium band with the new guy, for me there was never a better time to see them that when they were touring the UK theatre halls with Bon at the front.  

Best regards

-Iain Muir

I went to the Powerage tour in Aug 15 , ‘78 special guest were Nantucket and Humble Pie . The following year Sept 9 1979 I went to the Highway to Hell tour with special guests Dictators and Cheap Trick . Both concerts were at Freedom Hall Civic Center Johnson City Tennessee. Both great shows !! Thanks Randy

The Tasmanian Devil: Ode to Bon Scott

Time surely flies
But when I look into your eyes
I know that you’re not really dead
And it’s not just in my head
You left us too soon
Under the light of the pale blue moon
It was a long way to the top
And you surely didn’t stop
You changed the face of rock and roll
Ain’t gonna let it be destroyed by no internet troll
Thunder and lightening
Became less frightening
Your music is enlightening
It woke us all up
To drink from the cup
As we travelled down the highway to hell
You surely cast a spell
And I have lived to tell
Of a journey of earthly delights
That helped me overcome all my frights
Those you left behind
Only serve to remind
That we must always fight
To do what’s right
To let the music live on
TO let someone else sing our songs
Evolution is part of revolution
That gives way to absolution
Sins can be forgiven
People are released from prison
Mistakes can be forgotten
But if someone is truly rotten
You can cut them loose
Before they hang you with a noose
Let someone else pick up the drum
Say goodbye to that bum
The Tasmanian devil needs to live
So be careful who you choose to forgive.
Don’t give them the knife 
That lets them take your life
You can walk away from strife
And of you’ve got some sass
You can always kick their ass.
Be like the Bonny Scott
and show the world just what you got
For you are really hot! (Anne)

I first met Bon around 1973 i was standing outside my place when Bon and a mate walked past drinking from a bottle of wiskey. He stopped and said “want a drink?” That was the first time drinkin’ wiskey for me. After a drink his mate said “come on bon let’s go” i said “what did he call you?” He said “Bon. Remember my name I’m going to be famous.” After that we met couple times at the 10 mile tavern. Boy could he drink. (Brian)

Greatest rocker ever. (Tommy)


There have been so many rockers

In the Land of Oz

Others have their kings

But ours he stands alone

They called him the back street poet 

And he sang to you and me

Now the words he wrote

They travel the family tree

And he did it the hard way

Learning while on the road

Of the broken dreams and promises

In the world of Rock’n’Roll

For a denim clad generation

He was happy to wear the cloak

But like so many before him 

The road it took its toll

Now the music lives forever

The legend it still grows

But we’ll never forget the day 

We lost the son of Rock’n’Roll

With his Dirty Deeds and TNT

How he made the stage his own

Forever in our hearts

Forever in our souls

Now when we hear the ringing

Of the bell we know

With the thunder from Down Under

We salute Bon Scott Rock’n’Roll 

Yes when record shops had vinyl

In our jeans we wore a flare

We cried the night the music died

And filled the night with prayer 

Yes the question it was answered

Along time ago

When the music changed forever

When lightning met Rock’n’Roll.

Will always be missed 


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