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John Brewster (The Angels)
July 7, 2021
John Brewster (The Angels)

Some thoughts about Bon Scott,

We, The Angels, became friends with AC/DC in 1975 when we supported them through three regional SA shows, Port Pirie, Whyalla and Port Augusta. Bon, Angus and Malcolm approached us in Whyalla and said they’d like to tell Harry Vanda and George Young about us. True to their word that’s exactly what they did and not long after we were signed to Alberts. Those days were incredible, to work with Vanda/Young, to hang out with the AC/DC guys in the studio, on occasion swapping instruments and jamming and to be part of such an amazing stable of artists, JPY, TMG, Rose Tattoo, Stevie Wright and George and Harry. Also we formed a close relationship with Mark Opitz, Fifa Riccobono and Sam Horsburgh.

Back to those first three gigs, I remember sitting with Bon in AC/DC’s tour bus, an old Pioneer, in Port Augusta after the show sharing a drink and chatting. Bon told me their plans to go overseas as soon as possible and take on the World. He said “…we’ll be one of the biggest bands in the World because we’ve got Angus”. I said “…don’t sell yourself short Bon, they’ve got you!” To me that’s a good example of Bon being typically humble.

We did quite a lot of gigs with AC/DC in those days and, on one occasion, in Adelaide, all of us staying in the Australia Hotel, Bon said he wanted to go for a walk. I went with him down the hill to the Parklands that surround the city. Within minutes there were quite a number of people who just fell in line silently following. He was a kind of rock n’ roll Pied Piper, so charismatic, a genuine star.

Bon was the only singer that got up and sang with The Angels. It was at Selinas, I’ve no idea what song, but it was just fantastic! My memories of Bon and all from those days remain as some of my most precious.

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