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Mark Callaghan (GANGgajang)
July 7, 2021
Mark Callaghan (GANGgajang)

The first time I saw ACDC was on television and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. It wasn’t just the sound, or the song, or Angus’ schoolboy outfit, it was Bon Scott, the lead singer. He had a classic rock n’ roll voice that sat perfectly atop the Young brothers’ twin guitar assault. But he had something else – an amazing charisma born of a cheeky smile and a twinkle in his eyes that told you he was clever, a lot of fun and a little bit dangerous. Then he played the bagpipes! I nearly fell off the lounge.

Bon Scott was the perfect frontman, that vital link between the band, the songs and the audience. He was an incredible singer, with great tone and fantastic pitch. There were no studio tricks to help vocalists back then, you had to deliver and Bon certainly did. As a songwriter, his lyrics were the ideal fit for Malcolm and Angus’ music and the songs they created were absolute classics.

 I was devastated when he passed away. But his music lives on as a testament to just how good that combination of drums, bass, guitars and vocals can be. Here’s to Bon Scott, a true original.

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