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Rick Brewster (The Angels)
July 7, 2021
Rick Brewster (The Angels)

1. Bon had a gift with words. Not only did he write amazing lyrics, but he could improvise and play with them spontaneously during a gig. I watched him do this many times. He seemed to read the audience and tailor words to suit. Sometimes small, subtle changes, sometimes obvious departures from the original lyric. And with his gift for phrasing, he would make these new words fit as if they were the original. She’s Got The Jack was the best example. He obviously enjoyed himself as he delivered new lines, always accompanied by his trademark cheeky grin – he could get away with anything.

2. In 1975, during our short SA country tour supporting AC/DC, I was in the audience watching their show at the Sundowner Hotel, Whyalla. Bon did “the walk,” pushing through the punters with Angus on his shoulders.  Soon after they got back to the stage, Angus took exception to someone down the front (something he said?). In a typical fit of Scottish anger, he threw down his guitar and leapt on top of the offender, who happened to be a 6’4” biker covered in tatts and surrounded by his mates. Bon, equally fearless, dived off the stage after Angus and both were swallowed up in a sea of flying fists and leather jackets. Their roadie, the inimitable Pat Pickett, made it to the scene in time to drag them out, threw Angus back on the stage and the show continued … maybe it was part of the act.

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