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Rob “Ralph” Booth, driver/roadie
July 7, 2021
Rob “Ralph” Booth, driver/roadie

There was a friend of mine on vocals
Who also played the drums
Could fill a bag with breath and make
The pipe’s drones really hum
A voice told many stories
Of exploits and deeds done
Of change in types of music
And styles since it all begun
As tough as nails, a gentle soul
A hard rocker is what we got
Living on a Highway to Hell
There was no need to stop
Writing with some younger guys
Songs that just weren’t pop
Life on the road performing
Makes a Long Way To The Top
A Livewire leaking High Voltage
Show Business bore the brunt
Of this Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer’s rage
Belting songs out at full grunt
Bare chested and no bullshit
The stage was his domain
The prowl and strut delivering
With that little boy cheeky smile
He said to me more than once
“When I go I’m gonna be
The best that I can ever get
On top of the effen tree”
I’m happy for him that he got his wish
It’s just a terrible shame
It happened for him the way it did
But he got there  just the same
Happy Birthday Mate              

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